I read an article earlier today and it really got me thinking.

12 Christian Messages that Drive Me Crazy

1. Leave people who do not benefit you

Negative people, complainers, bad influences, sinners. Question: If we extricate them from our lives, who will love them? Who will be light to their darkness? This message encourages weakness. Christ encourages maturity and becoming the greater influence. Wherever Jesus went, He had the floor. That’s why He could be fully Himself with the most religious and the most worldly. And that should be our goal too. Grow, don’t go.

2. “God is in control” or “God will take care of everything”

As almighty as He is, He doesn’t wield His power freely. He partners with His children. He’s empowering a growing family of sons and daughters to walk like Him in the earth. Leave your garden “to the Lord” and see what happens. Weeds and animals will overtake it to ruin. Care for it daily and you partner with His miraculous design of seed and soil. The kingdom is forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it. Arise and join your Father in His work.

3. You were born sinful

No, you were born innocent. Adam, formed by the very hands of God, breathed into from His mouth, sinned. That’s because He created us fragile and vulnerable. Knowing this, salvation was finished before the foundation of the world. Sin entered the world, not man. You were fearfully and wonderfully made; skillfully wrought by the Lord’s hands. Never call depraved, evil and sinful what God personally crafted in purposeful love.

4. The ‘call of God’ is more important than the work you do

Too many Christians see their jobs as traps keeping them from really serving God. The most incredible people I know are deeply committed to family and work and are highly effective ministers. The former does not hinder the latter. Our work IS our ministry. Stop trying to stay “free” for spiritual things. Those who do rarely build anything, have little impact or lasting legacy. Put down roots and go all-in right where you are.

Stop trying to stay “free” for spiritual things. Those who do rarely build anything, have little impact or lasting legacy. Put down roots and go all-in right where you are.

5. I am leaving this church to lead another one

The Church is the Father’s family. Being a leader therein is not a job, it’s an identity. Pastors and leaders are fathers and mothers. Vacating a church where our seed has been sown for a better opportunity creates a fatherless house. The church is not a business with CEO’s and presidents. It’s a family. Fathers don’t leave, hirelings do. The true design is sons and daughters being sent out.

6. Give to support a ministry, a mission or a project

Biblical giving is to a person: the Lord Himself or an actual person. Giving to projects and organizations shifts the focus from people to things. That’s when giving loses life and becomes a burden. Generosity peaks when our hearts are connected in relationship. Give to people. DO things.

7. The Bible is the infallible and inerrant word of God

No, Jesus is. The Bible is authoritative, miraculous and the highest written work concerning the Lord and His family. It is profitable for teaching and correction. But it never calls itself the word of God. It is a treasure chest where we discover He who is the Truth. Jesus was the word made flesh. Now, through relationship, we are too. Never allow a book to take the place of who He is or who you are.

8. “We are going to heaven” or “Heaven is our reward”

The overwhelming tenor of scripture is heaven and earth long to be one. We are not escaping the earth, we are inheriting it. The key to our inheritance is bringing heaven – the person of the Lord Jesus – to earth. HE is our reward and our inheritance. Heaven is the realm of the spirit and it was created as the original atmosphere of earth. It is the son of God’s privilege to rejoin the two. Creation is groaning for the reunion.

9. The will of God is something we do

Every “thing” in the Old Testament became a “who” in the New Testament. It is also true with God’s will. You cannot do God’s will until you first BECOME His will.Relationship with God first transforms us and the resulting identity does great things. There were guys who did all kinds of great things in the Lord’s name but were never known by Him. It didn’t work out well for them. Become His will in relationship then do His will in power.

10. Christianity = blessing, prosperity and a good life

Imagine Peter, Stephen, Paul and the rest of the disciples listening to modern-day sermons. After, the guys who suffered greatly and were martyred for their faith would feel they were not in God’s will. I’m not saying you have to be whipped and harassed to be a good Christian. But brokenness, loss and suffering are part of a genuine walk with Jesus. They are not signs of failure but of becoming. God wants to bless us but not at the expense of our maturity.

11. Everything is about the church service

Way too much of the church’s resource is directed at a once-a-week, well-rehearsed production. This event is to be an outgrowth of a deep and abiding internal work within a church family. After many days of seeking the Lord in an upper room, an amazing “service” took place.

Our public gatherings are to be a convergence of the committed core family with the curious, seeking and hungry of the world. This meeting is not church. It is the Father and His lost children connecting through found ones.

If the mass of our resource was focused on relationship – one to another and to the Lord – our services would be so full of Him that little preparation would be required.

12. You become a child of God when you get saved

Actually, you REALIZE you’re a child of God at salvation. Sin blinds us to our true identity. Jesus is the light that broke through the darkness of our orphan state to show us our Father who loves us. If God made us, then we are His. Jesus came to reconcile – brings together AGAIN – lost children to His Father. Salvation is a reunion through new birth – from an faulty identity sin convinced of into our original identity as children of God.

The above passage was taken from: http://whocenterpa.com/2014/05/19/12-christian-messages-drive-crazy/#.V2qSyfkrJD8

Okay now…back to Caran’s opinion on the article:
-How do you feel about this article?

-Do you think the author is correct in their statements?
-Do you have any objections?
-I would like to hear your opinions on these issues. A few of the things said kind of sparked a curiosity in me while I was reading through.


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