My daughter, Bella, is having surgery next Friday, January 30th.

Because of her weakened immune system due to the chemotherapy used to treat her Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, she catches any and every virus imaginable. Most of them, with time, go away. She got plantar warts shortly after beginning treatment (early 2014 probably) and they’ve just progressively gotten worse and worse. They cause her immense pain and she can’t walk with flat feet. She is constantly walking on her tiptoes (because they’re on her heels) which, I’m afraid, will cause permanent damage if it continues.

We had to wait on Bella’s blood counts to be consistently good and for her to reach maintenance therapy so she wasn’t receiving “intense” chemotherapy anymore (she still takes chemo orally every night and chemo through her port once every 28 days, but the dosage and amount is not as potent).

The time has finally arrived and we can get my baby’s feet back to normal!

For the squeamish, look away…this is what her feet look like and they are continuing to grow! 😦



For her surgery next week, please wear orange and post a picture of yourself on her Facebook page (www.facebook.com/isabellavsleukemia) or post it on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page with the tag #isabellavsleukemia as a caption and we will find it. That way, on the day of her surgery, I can show her all of the people who love, support, and are praying for her!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Please feel free to share these pictures on your social media pages or at work, school, etc. so we can get everyone to wear ORANGE (leukemia awareness color)!

01-30-01    01-30-02 01-30-03


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